Friday, 24 May 2013

More on Project Ringelblume and Pete's Peppers

This week I received this update on Project Ringelblume, from Sven in Germany:

Here are some pics I just took from my "Project Ringelblume" and Peter's Peppers.
This week, I found the Ringelblume attacked by snails (so can see that the leaves are partly destroyed) so I just took them off the garden and placed them closer to the house.
The peppers are doing really fine this year. The black pots are all cultivated from the "Sibrische Hauspaprika" Pete sent me years ago. The red pots you can see in the back are some Habaneros a friend of mine gave me last year.
Hope, your project is running fine as well :)
Thanks Sven. Keep sending the pics! Well, the answer regarding my little project can be seen here:
Almost three weeks since I planted my own seeds their growth is best described as unspectacular. This week in Britain we have had grey skies, a lot of rain and hailstones several times. That's right, folks: hailstones in mid-May! Incredible. Not to worry! The weather is supposed to be picking up this weekend, so let's hope for a bit of warm sunshine and more growth with my marigolds...

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