Sunday 23 June 2013

Quick update

Hi all. This is just a very quick update before I get back to the job of typing up my latest interview for the blog. On Tuesday night I had a chat on the phone with Mr. Daniel Pemberton. Many of you will no doubt know that with his Bedroom album Daniel was the youngest artist ever to record for the Fax label. We had a fascinating conversation and I hope you'll enjoy it when it's up here posted. Yesterday I transcribed the 25-minute interview and it took me four hours, working on and off to get it on paper. Unfortunately for reasons too complicated to go into here I couldn't type it straight up on my computer...ok...I'll admit it was busy trying to get our new cat to get on with our older ones. Cat warfare! Now you know. So, I now have the job of typing up the interview for your enjoyment. Coming soon... By the way here are a few photographs of the Autumn of Communion 2 CD with its special packaging. I can highly recommend this excellent effort.
...and here is the latest photo of my marigolds planted in memory of Pete, for Project Ringelblume. Getting there now, I think.  If you have any photos of flowers or any other plants that you are growing in memory of Pete don't forget to send them in my direction (using the e-mail address top right on the blog) and I'll post them up here for all to see.
Right...time for more typing up. Interview coming soon...

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