Sunday 28 July 2013

More marigolds and peppers

Hi all. Just a quick update on Project Ringelblume. These pics were sent on to me by Sven from Germany. The first is of Pete's marigolds and the second one is his peppers. Big thanks, Sven.
Sven has asked me how my project is going and in answer after a heatwave here in GB my marigolds are growing really well but I'm going to wait until all of the flowers are in bloom and then post another update. Coming soon...
Keep sending your pics for Project Ringelblume!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Pete Namlook - Official statement

Those of you who follow the various Pete Namlook and Fax records threads on Discogs: will probably have seen that a very touching statement about the great Pete Namlook has now been penned by his daughter, Fabia Kuhlmann. It reads:

As it is not easy, in times of pain, to find the right words. It took me a while to be in the right place to write this, so I thank you for your patience.

Peter Kuhlmann aka Pete Namlook (25.11.1960 - 08.11.2012) died within seconds of a heart attack but will live on in our hearts forever. His fast and unexpected death left us with his soul, living on in his music. His vision gave everyone around him strength and he was not only a composer, he was an Idealist counsellor for his friends as well.

Fax Records was founded by Pete Namlook in 1992 and after 20 years of existence, there will be a change. As I was neither in the financial nor musical position to pursue his heritage, things still have to be figured out. To buy music now you can contact Michael Zosel:

I want to thank everyone for making the pain easier by sharing their grief. It feels good to know that he won't be forgotten by so many people from different cultures and origins.

I thank everyone who wrote moving words to lighten the pain as I could not respond to everyone of you individually.

To the heart of our nearest star
Fabia Kuhlmann

I'm sure I'm not alone in sending my thoughts at what must be a difficult time for Fabia. I hope she can take some comfort in the fact that Pete's legacy lives on in an amazing collection of music, greatly enjoyed by many.
With this tribute from Fabia arriving now seems as good a time as any to also post an update on Project Ringelblume (the plan to grow marigolds and other plants in Pete's memory). After a very slow start to the year weather-wise (there were still frosts here as late as May) we now find ourselves in the middle of a heatwave (typical British weather - toally erratic) and my marigolds have really flourished. When the flowers have come out completely I'll post some more photographs. For now, check these pics out. I think Pete would have enjoyed them.
Don't forget that if you're growing any plants in Pete's memory send your pics to the e-mail address at the top of the blog (over on the right) and I'll post them up here.
On another note if you ever recorded for Fax Records and/or worked on music with Pete please get in touch. I'd love to interview you or to have your own personal tribute up here on the blog.
And...I'm sure you all know that a projected 6 CD/8 LP Pete Namlook tribute album, Die Welt ist Klang  is currently in the works and the tracklisting looks stellar. I'm very much looking forward to hearing this when it appears!

Back soon.