Monday, 13 May 2013

Another Ringelblume update

Here's the latest update regarding the project to plant marigold (or any other seeds) as a tribute to Pete. As I wait for my marigold seeds to germinate I have received these great photos from Har. Those of you who visit the Fax discussion threads on the Discogs website may know Har as Third System. He says: 

The story behind this is that every time I ordered CDs from Pete we would speak about our gardens. The last order I received from Pete was 'Labyrinth V' . We had been speaking about our tomato crops and he kindly enclosed some seeds from his Tomate Harzfeuer plants. He said these were from eastern Germany and were excellent for growing outside. These pictures were taken two weeks after sowing and they are very sturdy young plants indeed. 

So here they are posing nicely in an appropriate setting, my FAX tomatoes.

Many thanks, Har. Much appreciated!

Do you have any photos to share? Any plans to plant seeds in Pete's memory? If so, please send your pictures to the web address on the blog and I'll put them up for all to see.

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