Tuesday 9 April 2013


With output on Fax now quite possibly bookended there will undoubtedly be some speculation as to which artists may have recorded for the label in the future. My money is on Stormloop (aka Kev Spence from Leeds, England). Beautifully crafted, deep drones and perfect music for drifting into the realms of inner or outer space. Stormloop's last album, Back to Dust was a requiem for all of those who lost their lives in 2012 (including Mr. Pete Namlook).

It is possible to check out Stormloop and have a listen to some extracts from the latest album here:


In addition, the whole discography is available on Bandcamp by following this link: 

As reported recently a tribute album for Pete Namlook is currently in the works. See here:

Some of you have probably read that this is to be a mixture of material by ex-Fax recording artists and fans with a voting system to determine which fan material will make the cut. Stormloop has recorded a beautiful track, titled Snowdrift and you can hear it in its entirety here:

See what you think. It certainly gets my vote!


  1. cheers christian support is always welcome!.
    i will let you know when any new stormloop music gets made
    all the best now kev!

  2. Cheers, Kev! A well deserved plug. Good luck with the 'Snowdrift' ! C