Sunday 17 March 2013

Project Ringelblume

Here's some news on a project in Pete's memory that I hope some of you might want to get involved with...

A couple of years ago, as spring approached I ordered a couple of CDs from Pete and was intrigued when they turned up accompanied by a packet of seeds and a little note. The seeds were called 'ringelblume' and the note included some information about when was best to plant them and their health benefits. I was very touched by this heartwarming gesture and intrigued as to what the seeds could be. Ringelblume? A little homework informed me that they were what we call marigolds here in Britain. 
As Pete instructed I planted the seeds in one of our flower troughs in the backyard, looking forward to them coming up. I often listen to Fax tunes on my MP3 player in the backyard so this would all fit together very nicely. One morning I went out and was a little crestfallen to find big dimples in the soil where I'd planted my seeds. It seems that sadly the birds ate them for breakfast.

Now, a couple of years on I've bought some more seeds and I'm ready to plant them. This time in Pete's memory. I plan to avoid both the icy weather and the birds by starting them off indoors and then taking them into the yard when it warms up a bit. If it all works out I'm going to post the photos up here on the blog as a tribute to Pete.  

Here's how you can get involved if you wish:

Do you still have seeds that Pete sent you or could you buy some? If you plant some marigolds in Pete's memory please feel free to send me the photos (to the e-mail address provided on the blog) and I'll post them up here for everyone to see.

Please do get involved. I'd love to hear from you and I hope Pete would enjoy this as well. Happy gardening!


  1. thank you for this great dedication to pete namlook

    i always enjoyed his great music, and i hope my listeners to...
    its sad he passed away...
    i hope his music will keep forever

  2. So do I, Network 23. Thanks for your support, mate. I'll do my best to keep the blog moving forward... C